CTRAC Course Instructors Listing

The Preapproved Course Instructors listing is provided as a service to our members for keeping an easy and always available resource for contacting preapproved instructors in their area.

This reference section is an excellent resource for determining if the instructor you are considering taking a course from has received preapproval from CTRAC.  Note:  CTRAC will only accept certificates of completion toward the academic requirement of becoming “certified” from those instructors who are preapproved through CTRAC or NCCAP.

A CTRAC preapproved instructor has met the following requirements:

  • They have a associate or higher degree
  • Must be certified with CTRAC.
  • They have experience teaching adults.
  • They have current Recreation experience.
  • They have attended the training on use of the course manuals, etc.

The instructors are required to provide CTRAC a list of students who have completed the course.

CTRAC does not endorse any particular instructor, but rather that they have met the above requirements.  CTRAC recommends that potential students get references from former students, and any other materials they feel necessary to determine which instructor best meets their individual needs.

Course Instructors Listing 

Dorothea Coleman-Brewer MA, TRS/TXC, CTRS, ACC
Houston, Texas
Jacquelyn Vaughan-Williams Ph.D, TRS/TXC
Kerrville, Texas
Victoria “Vicky” Salter MA., TRS/TXC
Houston, Texas
Katie Miller Sievers AD/TXC
Victoria, Texas


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