Professional Leave of Absence (PLOA)

Policy: It is the policy of the Consortium for Therapeutic Recreation/Activities Certification to grant deserving applicants a Professional Leave of Absence (PLOA) for up to three re-certification terms on a case by case basis.


Applicants seeking the PLOA are to make application by completing the appropriate form and submitting this form along with the $50.00 renewal fee to the Consortium office at least thirty days prior to the expiration of their current certification.

  • Once an application has been received, the Manager of Operation will notify the Consortium Chairperson.
  • The Chair will appoint a committee of three people to review the application for the PLOA.  The Manager of Operation will fax a copy of the application to each of the appointed review persons.
  • The committee will then forward their findings to the Chair and the Manager of Operation.
  • The Manager of Operation will send written notification, to the applicant, of the PLOA Review Committee findings.
  • Application for reinstatement will go to the CRP.
  • Denials will have the same appeal process through the CRP.

Click here to download an applicationapplication


Renewal Fees:  $50.00