Reinstatement Requirements Fact Sheet


Goal of Certification:  The basic purpose of the Board’s certification program is to assure the general public and employing agencies of the competence of Therapeutic Recreation/Activities personnel by certifying that they meet the prescribed standards.  This certification attests that an individual is qualified by training and experience  to conduct and administer therapeutic recreation and/or activity services as. an Activity Director, Therapeutic Recreation Associate or Therapeutic Recreation Specialist level.Activity Director, Therapeutic Recreation Associate or Therapeutic Recreation Specialist previously certified through our board has already proven they are qualified, sat and passed the exam.  To re-enter as a CTRAC Activity Director, Therapeutic Recreation Associate, or Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certified the following requirements must be completed.

Requirements for Reinstatement for all Levels:                                                           Must complete 2.0 continuing education units (CEU’s) (20 contact hours) which MUST contain information utilized in the Therapeutic Recreation/Activities Process and relate to the CTRAC Body of Knowledge Successful completion of the following:

  • TRA and AD have completed 100 hours of paid or volunteer experience in an Activities setting in the last 2 years (does not apply to TRS) OR
  • Be retired from the profession. (65 years of age or older)


  • CEU’s/Contact hours earned must be related to the profession
  • 0 CEU’s or 20 hours MUST BE DATED WITHIN 2 YEARS; for exact dates email
  • 1 contact hour =0.1 CEU. 10 contact hours=1.0 CEU 20 contact hours=2.0 CEU.
  • SAFETY RELATED COURSES cannot exceed .5 CEU’s (eg. CPR, FA, Pro, ACT, CPI, MAB, Water Safety, Fire Safety, Back Safety, Basic Infection Control, Disaster Emergency Triage, etc) (TRS may not use  safety related courses/or facility mandated training toward CEU hours.)
  • CORRESPONDENCE AND ON-LINE LEARNING COURSES limited to 1.0 CEU or 10 contact hours.
  • COMPUTER SKILLS COURSES LIMITED TO 0.5 CEU’S/5 contact hours. (Computer training is Not acceptable for TRS recertification.)  
  • LANGUAGE COURSES limited to 1.0 CEU/10 contact hours.
  • WRITTEN PUBLICATION (books, articles, thesis, dissertations)
    • Proof must be submitted and applied once.
    • Limit 1.0 CEU’s or 10 contact hours for approved author of current published text book/Thesis & Dissertation during the 2 year cycle.
    • Authored published articles (co author not accepted) in professional magazines, newspapers related to the field during the cycle may not exceed .2 CEU’s or 2 contact hours.
    • Awarded to solo speakers only
    • Minimum length 1 hour/maximum length 3 hours; you will be awarded half the number of CEU’s for the presentation; example 1 hour=.05       2 hours=0.1         3 hours 0.15
    • Repeating sessions or topics is not accepted during each 2 year renewal cycle
    • Must have written proof to include; date, time, location, number of hours, session title and verified signature; will not accept your signature as verification.
  • ATTACH COPIES OF CEU documentation and put in order of how they are listed on form 
  • CEU certificate/verification must include the following information (see example form below):
1 CEU Provider # (sessions/workshops provided by ATRA/TRAPS/CTRAC/NCCAP/THCA NOTE:  “Optional or Meets Body of Knowledge” not accepted
2 Session Title
3 Location/Date/Time & Name of Provider of workshop/institute/conference
4 Length of each session (1 hr/1.5 hrs./2 hrs/3 hrs etc.)
5 Verifying signature (monitor/person sponsoring the workshop/institute)
6 Your name on each of your CEU documents/certificates with number of CEU’s/Contact hrs. awarded.
7 Number of CEU’s or Contact hours awarded.

CTRAC Body of Knowledge Areas:

1.   Advancement of Therapeutic                                           Recreation/Activities Profession 5.  Populations
2.     Documentation 6.  Programming
3.     Human Development 7. Treatment Modalities
4.     Management and Leadership

COMPLETED COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY COURSES, attach a copy of the transcript to verify course work and final grade/audit credit & course title.  Academic equivalents will be counted as follows.

College University Quarter System

1 unit 1.0 CEU’s 10 hours
2 units 2.0 CEU’s 20 hours
3 units 3.0 CEU’s 30 hours
4 units 4.0 CEU’s 40 hours

REINSTATEMENT FEES:  (Please check the year(s) of inactivity)

$100.001ST Year(Day 61 to Day 365 post renewal date)


$150.002nd Year (Day 356 to Day 730 post renewal date) $200.003rd Year (Day 731 to Day 1095 post renewal date) $250.004th Year (Day 1096 to Day 1460 post renewal date)


You may send your application and fee in at any time; however, your application will not be reviewed until the CTRAC Credential Review Committee meets in March, May, September or November.  The application and fee must be received no later than the following:

Spring Deadline Summer Deadline Fall Deadline Winter Deadline
March 1st (CEU’s must fall within previous 2 yrs.) Call or email office for specific dates May 1st (CEU’s must fall within previous 2 yrs.) Call or email office for specific dates September 1st (CEU’s must fall within previous  2 yrs.) Call or email office for specific dates November 1st (CEU’s must fall within previous  2 yrs.) Call or email office for specific dates

Application must be reviewed and approved by the CTRAC Credential Review Committee

Click here to download an application    application

Application Process:

  • Complete the application. Type or print information clearly.
  • Include Transcripts to verify all college and/or university coursework/units and verification of CEU’s as appropriate.
  • Mail completed application to:
    • CTRAC Office
      P.O. Box 682846
      Houston, Texas 77268