Activity Director/Texas Certified Fact Sheet


Goal of Certification:

The basic purpose of the Consortium’s certification program is to assure the general public and employing agency of the competence of therapeutic recreation and activity personnel by certifying that they meet basic and prescribed standards. This certification attests that an individual is qualified by training and experience to conduct and administer therapeutic recreation and/or activity services at a Activity Director level.

Requirements for Certification:

  • A Completion of a High School Diploma or GED, AND
  • Successful completion of the following courses and accompany practitioner hours:  (As approved by state requirement)
  • CTRAC Education Course for Activity Professionals Part I or MEPAP Part I
  • CTRAC Education Course for Activity Professionals Part II or MEPAP Part II

Click here to download an application  application

Application Fee: $75.00

Examination Fee: $50.00

  • Application Process:
    • Complete the application. Type or print information clearly.
    • Include Transcripts to verify all college and/or university coursework/units and verification of CEU’s as appropriate.
    • Mail completed application to:
      • CTRAC Office
        P.O. Box 682846
        Houston, Texas 77268


    • The re-certification process will occur every two (2) years.
    • Two (2) continuing education units (CEU’s), or 20 contact hours from at least four areas of the Body of Knowledge are required.
      • Conferences and Workshops:  Continuing Education include professional workshops, conferences and other formal programs. List the total number of hours obtained in your two year cycle. Your continuing education content must relate to the knowledge areas of the CTRAC Body of Knowledge.
      • Academic Courses: Academic coursework must be taken at a college or university.
      • Publications: Articles, editorials, professional editing of textbooks, etc., that relate to therapeutic recreation/or activities. (This relates to Publications made by the applicants).
      • Presentations: Presentations made at professional conferences, workshops or programs.

Note: One (1) CEU = Ten (10) clock hours.  Activity Director Networking Meeting(s) are not acceptable unless official CEU’s are awarded by an authorized CEU agency, University, or college.