CTRAC Board of Directors


Position: Officer:
CTRAC Board of Directors:
Chair-Austin, Texas Karen Sams TRS/TXC, CTRS (1/17)
Vice-Chair-Houston, Texas Dorothea E. Brewer M.A., TRS/TXC, CTRS, ACC (1/17)
Board Member-Houston, Texas Sandi Harnett TRS/TXC (1/16)
Board Member-Corpus Christi, Texas Jeannine Leal AD/TXC (1/18)
Board Member-Killeen, Texas Terri Paradice TRS/TXC (1/16)
Board Member-San Antonio, Texas Linda Wenck, TRS/TXC (1/17)
Board Member-Utopia, Texas Taffy Simmons TRS/TXC (1/18)
Board Member--Corpus Christi, Texas Ray Chapa TRA/TXC (1/18)
Board Member-Van, Texas Pam Prouty, TRS/TXC (1/18)
Board Member-Spring, Texas Tessie Carter AD/TXC (1/17)
Board Member-Weslaco, Texas Maresol Vega AD/TXC (1/18)
Board Member-Houston, Texas Dana Green AD/TXC (1/16)
CTRAC Committee Chairs:
Advisory Committee Chair-Kerriville, Texas Jacquelyn Vaughan-Williams, Ph.D, TRS/TXC
Certification Review Chair-San Marcos, Texas Jan Hodges Ph.D, TRS/TXC, CTRS
CTRAC Office :
Manager of Operations-Houston, Texas Dorothea Brewer MA, TRS/TXC, CTRS, ACC
Victoria Salter MA, TRS/TXC

CTRAC Office
P.O. Box 682846
Houston, Texas 77268
Phone:  512-484-7559
Fax:  281-925-0642