Standards of Practice

Scope The Practice

Therapeutic services are provided which utilize goal-oriented directives to facilitate physical rehabilitation, psychiatric, long term care and community outreach programs.

Mission Statement

The basic purpose of Consortium for Therapeutic Recreation/Activities Certification, Inc (CTRAC) is to assure the general public and employing agency of the competence of therapeutic recreation and activity personnel by certifying that they meet basic and prescribed standards.  This certification attests that an individual is qualified by training and experience to conduct and administer therapeutic recreation and/or activity services at an Activity Director, Therapeutic Recreation Associate or Therapeutic Recreation Specialist level.


The goal of CTRAC member is to promote, educate, facilitate, and enhance quality of life through appropriate leisure choices.


The assessment of the individual/client is performed by the certified therapeutic recreation specialist/therapeutic activity personnel to analyze and collect data necessary to determine a care plan or plan of care.

Care/Treatment Planning

The care/treatment plan is devised to meed the individual/client’s needs based on the information gathered in the assessment process, in order to enhance optimal levels of functioning.

Implementation of Care and Treatment Plan

The care/treatment plan will be carried out by the certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist/Therapeutic Activity personnel providing the program content needed to assist the consumer in meeting the established goals and objectives.


Reassessment and documentation of the care/treatment plan is used to determine if the plan is being effectively utilized to meet the individuals/client’s goals and objectives.  Documentation will reflect any changes in the individual’s well being.

Discharge and Transitional Planning

The Therapeutic Recreation Specialist/Therapeutic Activity personnel will provide discharge planning or transitional care planning in order to meet the established goals of the consumer, enabling them to return to function as independently as possible.  Discharge planning may not apply to all setting.  Personnel Qualifications (Refer to CTRAC specifications)


The therapeutic recreation specialist/therapeutic activity professional will apply methods for measuring outcomes of agency goals, individual/client satisfaction and effectiveness of therapeutic interventions provided to the individual/client.